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About RBAuction

From humble beginnings in 1958 as a small business run by three Ritchie Brothers in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, the company has grown to become the largest industrial auctioneer in the world serving truly international clients and customers around the world. The auctioneer conducts live, unreserved public auctions with both on site and online bidding, selling a wide range of used and new equipment. All Ritchie Brothers auctions are unreserved so there is no minimum bid or reserved price. Ritchie Bros. is also called RBAuction.

Auction Sites from Edmonton to Geelong

Ritchie Bros have auction sites all over the world! With their over 40 sites which range from Edmonton, Canada to Brisbane, Australia you'll be sure to find an auction site near your to bid or buy used machinery.  You can also find some of these auction sites in Dubai, UAE; Geelong, South Africa; Beijing, China etc!

Ritchie Brothers - Success Through The Years 

Ritchie Bros CEO Savi Saligram
Ritchie Bros CEO Savi Saligram

Ritchie Bros can be proud of a long and exciting company history. Starting in their local Canadian market, they gradually expanded to the United States and eventually Europe. Nevertheless, just in the early 90s the ritchie brothers has become a truly international player in the auction market. The first richie auction in the UK in 1987 was followed by the first in Australia, Asia and in the late 90s the Middle East.

Today the company holds regular on site auctions in many different locations around the world, as well as offers online bidding in real time through their internet platform RBAuction. The auctioneer has more than 40 auction sites and around 1,400 employees within its 110 locations in 25 countries worldwide. In 2013 alone the company completed 356 large richie auctions of machinery and industrial equipment which comprised a turnover of approximately 3.8 billion US dollars. To imagine a size of regular Ritchi Bros auction, in those 356 auctions more than 301,000 objects were sold to around 104,000 buyers.


Ritchie Bros First Auction in China
Ritchie Bros First Auction in China

RBAuction works with a diverse range of industries and offers to its customers used and unused industrial assets including equipment, trucks and other assets utilized in the construction, transportation, agricultural, material handling, mining, forestry, petroleum and marine industries. The auctioneer is able to achieve the highest net return to their clients by attracting large and diverse bidding audiences worldwide, comprised primary of end users and allowing them to compete in a transparent and fair bidding environment using a variety of participation options. Ritchie bros specs offered equipment is marketed on their 21-language website with high resolution photos, detailed specifications and description. To diversify its offer, the company also operates online marketplace EquipmentOne to offer fixed price and private treaty sales.

Details At a Glance
founded 1958
Offers    Mining 
Forestry, more
Located     Europe,
Middle East
North America

Ritchie Bros has a long history of growth and innovation and continues to expand its customer base and increase its market share. Till present day, the company had hold some notable auctions including the world's largest industrial equipment auction in Orlando, FL in 2012. Over six days the auctioneer sold more than 200 million US dollars worth of equipment and vehicles . This Ritchie auction attracted more than 8,600 bidders from 88 countries.


Ritchie Bros offers a specs catolouge which makes this auction house quite unique just because of this. Specs include things like usage, diameter etc.

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