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Perfection Industrial Sales specialises in the sale of used machinery and industrial assets via its live and online auctions. The company was founded as Perfection Machinery Sales in Illinois, USA in 1963. In recognition of its clients changing needs it developed three separate but fully linked sectors over the years - Perfection Machinery Sales, Perfection Investment Recovery and Perfection Industrial Sales. Perfection Industrial Sales offers a wide range of buying, selling and remarketing services, and over 48 years of experience enables the company to tailor solutions to the specific needs of its clients.

A plan for every client

Perfection Industrial Sales is committed to finding the right solution or plan for each customer and will take care of every step from initial assessment to auction. Live and online auctions allow both sellers and prospective buyers to benefit from a simple and transparent process, and Perfection Industrial Sales has experience in a vast range of sectors including Aerospace, Gas & Oil, Construction, Plastics and Steelworks. Some of the services that clients can take advantage of include equipment appraisals, used machinery auctions and surplus asset management.

Acess to a wide range of sales and auctions

Those wishing to bid for machinery or equipment in auctions or liquidation sales need to create an account with Perfection Industrial. This can be done easily on the company's website and is free and open to anyone. Once an account has been established, website users can register to participate in regular live and online sales and auctions and can sign up for alerts and updates. Some of the company's successful past auctions and liquidations have included an online auction of MUSAHI autoparts and a closure sale in the form of a live auction and webcast for a plastics recycling plant. Buyers can find all types of industrial equipment and machinery and are able to bid from any location, while sellers have access to a far larger customer base. Perfection Industrial Sales features current and upcoming events on its website, along with details of lots and times and dates for online auctions.

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