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Legal Auctions Web is located in Brecht, Antwerp (Belgium) and is an online auction platform based on the vast experience of the auctioneers Legal Broker Auctioneers & Valuers BVBA as well as De Lage Landen Belgium.

Legal Auctions Web - The Auctioneers

Legal Broker Auctioneers traces and recovers movables from non-payment and insolvencies; sells used movables through private and public auctions; organizes inventory and taxation of stocks; provides liquidations of stocks and damaged goods, taxation of movables as well as appraisals for take-overs and company realignments for administrators, companies, financial institutions, leasing companies and liquidators. De Lage Landen supplies asset financing, leasing and mobility solutions for various goods, such as medical and office equipment, the transport and logistics industry, construction and building as well as information and communication technology.

Variety of Auctions on Legal Auctions Web

The diversity of the auctioneers' clients - including banks and financial institutions, companies, courts, customs and excise, insurance companies, leasing companies, liquidators and trustees - creates a large variety of auctions on Legal Auctions Web. The platform is used to sell used equipment and vehicles from off-lease and insolvencies, movables like machinery and assets from different economy sectors, office equipment, communication devices, computers, cranes, forklift trucks, properties, surplus materials and stocks. Assets ranging from excess stock to entire factories and complete machinery fleets can be sold on Legal Auctions Web.

User-Friendly Appeal of The Website

The auction platform is operated by the internet service provider SLB-interactive BvBA. Auctions are clearly presented on the main website, categorized into a general overview of all auctions, group auctions and lot auctions. An additional categorization allows further specialization regarding all auctions, buy now – auctions, industrial auctions, take over auctions and property auctions (immo). Buyers can filter search results according to brands, models and keywords or they can search particular results from industries such as construction, maritime, aviation, machinery, logistics, metal working, wood processing, paper, textile, rubber, agriculture, food processing, catering, fish, pharmacy and chemical, cosmetics, gastronomy, glass and ceramics, gas and oil, tobacco or the electronic industry, to name but a few. Everyone can register for free on the platform, individuals as well as businesses. Legal Auctions Web has a 5 minutes rule in place, which implies an extension of five minutes to an auction, if during the last five minutes before the close a higher bid was made. The bidding can continue until no more bids are being made in the last five minutes. At that point the auction closes automatically.

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