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Euro Auctions logoEuro Auctions UK Ltd. is located in Dromore, County Tyrone (Northern Ireland) and is a family business with global orientation. It is conducting unreserved auctions of industrial plants and construction equipment.


History of Euro Auctions UK Ltd.

The first auction - a one day American parade-style - took place in March 1998 in Dromore with 371 lots and 150 people attending. A great success! In November 2000 the first auction outside of Northern Ireland, in Yorkshire (England) followed. As the business grew, the auctioneer established a permanent auction site in Selby, Leeds (England) in February 2002. Eleven years after its founding, Euro Auctions Ltd. opened a new facility in Dromore and by 2014, the auctioneer was market leader in Great Britain and Ireland with more than 25 auctions every year. Its global orientation took Euro Auctions abroad and additional sites with permanent offices, yards and full time staff were opened in Valencia (ES), Brisbane (AU) and Atlanta (US). The website is available in six languages and after a simple registration users can place their bids online for free.

Euro Auctions has International Appeal

Euro Auctions is an auctioneer of industrial plants, heavy construction machinery as well as agricultural equipment and vehicles. While most of the customers were local bidders in the beginning, EuroAuctions attracted international clients by 2014. Bidders come from African and Middle Eastern countries but also from Australia and the United States. With a staff of 75 full time people, auctions take place on site but also off-site, close to the client. Auctions take place without a minimum bidding price. Internationally renown and and a strong platform prepare the ground for the largest auctions every year. As a family business the Euro Auction prides itself with great personal support of buyers and sellers by competent and expert staff that not only organizes in-house transport but also helps unloading without extra charge.

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