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About Escrapalia

Escrapalia is an online auction site based in Madrid created by Surus Inversa, a Spanish specialist in reverse logistics that manages assets for companies from all parts of the country. Due to the unique nature of its business, Surus established Escrapalia in order to give clients an efficient and cost effective way to dispose of surplus assets, and to bring their goods to the attention of a larger pool of potential buyers. Escrapalia uses its online sales platform to provide buyers with access to a vast range of materials, goods and equipment in a simple and transparent manner. The company has extensive stock reserves that are updated each week, and which offer buyers goods at more competitive rates than those found via traditional retail channels.

Escrapalia have Clients from a range of sectors

Escrapalia conducts regular online sales and auctions and re-sells used and surplus goods for clients ranging from small and medium sized enterprises to large multinational concerns. It offers sellers a chance to maximise profits on scrap or surplus, end of line and clearance items, and has a professional team on hand to deal with each step of the process. Escrapalia provides clients with a comprehensive range of services and aims to find solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. The company can deal with projects of any size and makes use of its large database of international customers to target potential buyers for specialised machinery, stock and equipment.

A simple process for buyers

All buyers must register on the company's web page in order to bid at online auctions organised by Escrapalia. Registration is free and is open to individuals as well as to trade professionals and businesses. The company sells disposal lots for clients in all fields, and buyers can find ships and boats, aviation equipment, agricultural machinery, electronic equipment, household and office equipment, specialist industrial machinery and hardware and abrasives among the vast range of goods regularly featured in auctions on the online portal. Website users are able to see goods listed by category as well as a list of auctions in specific areas of Spain. Auctions can be live events or timed online sales, and all lots can be purchased by bidding on the Escrapalia website. Forthcoming events and current auctions are clearly shown on the web page, and buyers can also see lots that are available for direct sale. Along with Surus, Escrapalia counts Metis Pac and Government Liquidation Inc. among its professional partners.

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