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With well over 1000 visitors per day, online auction site is one of the leading portals for businesses who want to offload excess stock or unwanted goods in Denmark. Dansk Auktion & Maskinsalg A/S, also knows as D.A.M. A/S, specialises in the creation of easily accessible online auctions that are open to the public following a simple registration process. Buyers can expect to find high quality office equipment, cars, caravans, commercial and hand tools, as well as industrial machinery in auctions that are efficient and user-friendly at Dansk Auktion.

An excellent way for businesses to offload surplus stock

Companies regularly sell surplus or unused machinery and equipment easily through well organised online auctions that are open to an international client base. Dansk Auktion & Maskinsalg specialise in the creation of easily accessible auctions. Sellers can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a DAM A / S professional team to sell stock due to bankruptcy or insolvency, or to simply offload unused or second hand machinery, business vehicles or office equipment.

Buying and bidding made easy

Dansk Auktion buyers are able to search for specific goods by category, or simply browse through a range of goods as they come up for auction. Registration is free, and bids can be placed directly on Because DAM AS auctions are open, sellers are assured a fair and profitable service, while buyers can take advantage of free access to well maintained equipment and surplus stock.

Here is an overview of the major Scandinavian auction houses and traders.

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