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Corporate Auctions is based in Dungannon in Northern Ireland and offers live and online auction services throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The professional team of valuers and auctioneers have over twenty five years' experience, and specialise in the fields of property, antiques and fine art, plant and industrial machinery merchandise and the disposal of assets.

Fully Detailed Auction Lists

Corporate Auction Solutions website offers a list of current and past auctions with information on all assets that are for sale, including photographs. These fully detailed auction catalogues can easily be searched through keywords, and all future auctions and events are highlighted on the home page of the site. All registered bidders on the Corporate Auctions website will also receive additional information and alerts about upcoming sales and market news.

Complete Auction Services

Corporate Auction Solutions believe in providing complete auction and asset management services to their clients including sales advice, machinery and disposal management, transport and storage. They provided accurate estimations of asset values, secure storage facilities at Corporate Auction Dungannon warehouses with constant security supervision, as well as have a full fleet of transport vehicles on offer to ensure the safe collection and disposal of assets and equipment.

Here is a list of the best British auction houses and machinery traders.

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