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Bristol Commercial Valuers & Auctioneers is based in Ashton, Bristol in the United Kingdom, and they have gained over twenty five years' expertise in the auction industry. Sales are held monthly at local auction houses throughout the UK and their clients span across the world. BCVA specializes in the validation and negotiation of sale prices on commercialized assets such as industrial equipment and fine art and antiques, which includes paintings, jewelry, furniture, wines, and many more sought after and rare items.

Focus on Artwork and Antique Sales

Bidders that wish to partake in Bristol Commercial auctions must register by email via the BCVA website. On the site, all times are accurately categories by their type, age, price range, and where in the UK they will be auctioned for sale. Clients of Bristol Commercial can also search any artwork or antique in the current sales catalogues or search for previously sold items. The Bristol Commercial Auction's website provides information on all future auction schedules, previous sales and results, and bidders can subscribe to receive catalogues of future assets that will be up for auction. Bristol Commercial Valuers & Auctioneers also often holds special auctions and events on particularly rare and desirable items from certain prestigious UK families and historical eras.

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