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Autobid is the online auction platform of Auktion & Markt AG, one of the largest vehicle auctioneers in Europe. Its headquarters are in the German city of Wiesbaden. More than 90,000 vehicles are auctioned each year, and Auktion & Markt employs 250 people across Europe. The chief executive officer is Karl Rolf Muth, who is also the founder and owner of the company.

Rapid expansion and a growing reputation

Beginning as a traditional vehicle auctioneer in 1988, Auktion & Markt AG established its own auction centres three years later and Autobid auction platform online in 2003. The auction house operates a combination of online-only auctions and webcasts of its live vehicle auctions, both available via its website (, which is available in 22 languages. In addition to Germany, Autobid also has offices in Spain, Luxembourg, Rumania, Poland and Latvia.

A wide variety of vehicles and services

The sellers are vehicle manufacturers, car rental companies, banks and finance companies, among others. Buyers are exclusively registered car dealers. There are no private sellers or buyers of used cars. Autobid handles the sale in full, collecting the purchase price from the buyer and transferring it to the seller. Transport and special terms can also be arranged.

Here is the list of the major German auction houses and traders.

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