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  • Founded in 1984
  • Located in the UK
  • Specialized in vehicles
  • Website:
Aston Barclay cars auction
Aston Barclay cars auction

Aston Barclay is a leading British vehicle auctioneer. The Aston Barclay group is independently owned and has several live auctions of vehicles in various parts of the United Kingdom each week. Glenn Scarborough is the company's managing director and Aston Barclay remains a family business.

Aston Barclay - A Leading Vehicle Auctioneer

Aston Barclay PLC was established in 1984 and has now grown into a leading auction house for the remarketing of used vehicles. The company sells a wide variety of vehicles at Aston Barclay auctions, working on behalf of both leasing and finance companies, vehicle supermarkets and for vehicle dealerships, among others. Sales are open both to trade operators and to the general public.

Aston Barclay Have Several different locations for Car Auctions

Aston Barclay has four auction houses strategically located throughout England. There are regular auctions each week in the cities of Chelmsford in Essex and Leeds in Yorkshire as well as the towns of Prees Heath in Shropshire and Westbury in Wiltshire. The company has invested heavily in IT with an app available to allow customers to bid remotely in live auctions from their smartphone or tablet. Potential buyers need to register before they can bid at an Aston Barclay auction.

Here is an overview of the best British auctions houses and traders.

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