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Appelboom NV is a long-established auction business based in the town of Aartselaar in the Belgian province of Antwerp. NV Appelboom SA has been in the auction business since the 1990s.

All types of goods sold

Appelboom is a family firm of auctioneers which is run by Michael Appelboom. The company specialises in online auctions. Appelboom Auctions offers valuation services of full inventories as well as on individual items. The company's primary business is in online auctions via webcast. Potential bidders are required to register first. Appelboom SA also operates tender auctions for complicated items and those of particularly high value.

A range of services

Appelboom Auction offers valuation services of full inventories as well as on individual items. Construction equipment is a focus of the company, as is food processing equipment. The City of Antwerp is a regular client of Appelboom. Liquidation sales and bankruptcies form the basis of many auctions, but voluntary auctions are also a speciality. Everything from diamonds, cars and vans to the entire contents of restaurants and factories have been auctioned by NV Appelboom. The company's website ( is available in Dutch, English and French versions.

Here is an overview of the best auctioneers and traders in the Netherlands.

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