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Market Overview:

Used Martin T72 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sliding Table Saw
Model: T72
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Martin
Model: T72
Condition: Used
Swival Range 0 - 46°
Cutting Heigth 145 Mm
Speeds 2.800 / 4.000 / 5.500 U/min
Engine Output 5.5 Kw
Exhaust Support 120 Mm
Mitre Fence Extractable To 3.330 Mm
Scoring Saw Blade Ø 120 Mm
Max.. Sawblade Ø 450 Mm
Cutting Length 3.300 Mm
Cutting Width 1.220 Mm

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Buy a Used MARTIN T72

MARTIN T72 is a format circular saw which is now no longer produced. The machine is very popular and still being used at workshopes because of the high quality of the MARTIN brand. For this reason, you will find a MARTIN T72 often as second hand machines, like here on Trade Machines. Industrial Auctions are made especially for this kind of purchase of used equipment, like the MARTIN T72, this tool can help you buy a good machine that isn't produced anymore

MARTIN T72 table saw
MARTIN T72 table saw

Accurate Sawing With The MARTIN T 72

The special feature of the T72 is that you can adjust the cut width by a hand wheel tenth exactly and so work is highly accurate. The ruler runs easily and without influence of dust and shavings on a hardened track. The sliding table saw is easy to use and the saw blade can be easily adjusted in height and tilt, with the foot pedal. In this way, both hands safely on the work piece.

The MARTIN T72 dashboard

For sawing over sized work pieces the rip fence on the machine table can be folded to the side. In order to keep track of work pieces a dashboard was installed in the T 7250 series. The dashboard shows digital information about the cutting height and tilt angle.

MARTIN T72 Specifications 

MARTIN T72 is a circular saw for cutting and splitting for plate-shaped materials such as wood and aluminium. The machine comes with a table that is adjustable from the outside. Scoring unit and hydraulic lifting with tilting the saw blade equipped to 45th. Edging is at 3,300 mm and cutting width is 1050 mm. The cutting height is 145 mm and the blade size is minimum 200 mm and maximum 450 mm. The  swivel can be  up to 45 Speeds: 2800/4000/5500 r / min. Engine capacity is 11 Ah, 380 V, 50 Hz. The table comes equipped with a ball guided sliding in hardened raceways (replaceable). Heavy steel-concrete composite construction Low noise levels. 

Sliding table saw martin t72
Sliding table saw MARTIN T72

Turn adjustment  Hydraulic
Length of sliding table 3000 mm
Cutting height max  170 mm
Cutting length 3700 mm
Cutting width 1000 mm
Main motor 5,5 kW
Weight  1720 kg