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Used Martin T43 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Thickness Planing Machine
Model: T43
Condition: Used

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The MARTIN T43 Thickness Planning Machine

Technical specifications
Table Thickness 1100 mm
Planning width 630 mm
Working height 1-250 mm
Cutting depth 8 mm
Speed ​​cutter shaft 5000 U / min 
Motor power 7.5 hp
Weight 1050 kg

The T43 is a thickness planning machine manufactured by the German firm MARTIN. The machine was in the produced between the 1980s and 1990s and is now available only on the used market. The thickness planing table is made ​​without flat surfaces which holds the planing surfaces clean. The top of the machine, also used as a wooden shelf is covered with carpeting - thus wooden parts are not scratched.

Datasheet Download

Other important characteristics of the thickness planning machine can be found in the downloadable datasheet.

Martin T43 Datasheet

Buy a Used MARTIN T43

A Used MARTIN T 43  is already available at a low price in online auctions. Although the T 43 is no longer in production can still find plenty of spare parts to repair any wear points of the machine. The MARTIN T 43 used a worthwhile investment.

Martin T 43
The MARTIN T43 Thickness Planer
Martin t43
The T43 with Jointer T 52 MARTIN