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YALE logoYALE Material Handling is focused on the traditional development and production of industrial trucks in a variety of sizes and designs. As a subsidiary company of the Hyster-YALE AG, this manufacturer's core competences are innovation, quality and efficiency. YALE produce high quality warehouse machinery and that shows in the price. To get a good  used YALE machine, we offer a wide verity of used YALE forklifts. That way you can save money and buy the best forklift that you can get at industrial auctions. You can find a used YALE forklift in a very good condition due to the high quality standards of the YALE corporation.

YALE Reach Truck
YALE Reach Truck
YALE Forklift
YALE Forklift
Pallet Trucks YALE
YALE Pallet Truck
YALE Pallet Stackers
YALE Pallet Stackers

YALE Forklift Company History

This globally-operating corporation dates back to the year 1844, when Linus Yale Jr invented (among other things) the pin tumbler lock in Connecticut, U.S.A. He founded the YALE Lock manufacturing Company with Henry Towne, which transformed into the YALE and Towne Manufacturing Co. This company expanded its product range to include industrial trucks in 1875. In 1920, this company brought an electric low-platform truck onto the market, which was followed by tractors and stackers with forks. The 1930s saw their international breakthrough, when YALE established itself in England, took over the German company “BKS Forklifts”, and expanded their facilities to Japan. YALE Materials Handling expanded their product range significantly in the following years through various forms of innovation e.g. power steering and the use of heat isolation for electric motors. Their merge with Eaton Manufacturing in 1963 turned into the Industrial Truck Division of Eaton, Yale & Towne Inc. which was later re-branded as the Eaton Corporation and was very successful internationally. Further strategic acquisitions, excellent research and development, and its global network puts this company in the leading position for producing industrial and commercial trucks and vehicles. In 2012, a spin-off company, NACCO Industries Inc. was formed from the Hyster YALE AG, was listed in the U.S. stock market and became a parent company of the YALE Materials Handling Corporation.

YALE Forklifts is The Focus of The Business

As an excellent specialist for forklifts , the YALE Materials Handling Corporation focuses on the development and manufacturing of forklifts and lift trucks of various dimensions and for different applications. They are available with electric, gas or diesel motors. Commissioners and tractors round off their product range. YALE Forklift also manufactures different kind of attachments and spear parts such as battery, hydraulic fluids and more.

YALE Product portfolio

Yale battery
You can remove and charge the battery of a YALE electric forklift