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WÜRTH Group refers to a German group of companies, which are the world's market frontrunner of fastening and assembly materials. The group's products are used by various industrial and trading companies.

Global leader in the field of fastening and assembly technology

With headquarters in Kunzelsau in southern Germany, WÜRTH Group is a global leader in the field of fastening and assembly technology. Beginning from a humble background of a two-man business, which was founded by Adolf Wurth in 1945, the company has expanded over the years to be a global player. Ever since Adolf Wurth's son, Professor Reinhold took over the company's reins in 1954, the small company grew to become a group of companies with subsidiaries located in over 80 countries. The company's new headquarters was officially opened in Kunzelsau-Gaisbach in 1992. WURTH Group is not merely a business company but also one that gives back to society. This is evidenced in the setting of the WÜRTH Foundation in 1987. This foundation promotes science, research, education, art and culture.

The WÜRTH product portfolio

The scope of products that are manufactured or traded by WÜRTH includes:

Products, which are manufactured or traded by WÜRTH Group, are used in various kinds of environments. WÜRTH's partners include traders and automobile, metal, construction, wood and other industry players.