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weinigThe German brand WEINIG manufactures different types of saws, scanner systems, tool grinding machines and more.


Company History & Technology Advancement

Michael WEINIG AG is not only the leading manufacturer in the solid wood processing industry, but also offers comprehensive system solutions and ideas to help its clients focus on flexible and lucrative production only. Founded in 1905 as a commercial and production company for agricultural machines, WEINIG has expanded its product range and line over decades.

In 1974, WEINIG Japan was established, followed by WEINIG USA in 1976, two years later. The company started manufacturing window machines in 1979, and IN 1980, opened a branch in Switzerland in 1980, and after two year, in U.K. in 1982. In 1983, the company converted into WEINIG GmbH (Limited Liability Company) and sold to Kuwaiti investors.

Again in 1985, WEINIG Asia was founded, and the company converted into a stock corporation and gone public. In 1995, the company opened branches in Australia and China. During 1999, WEINIG becomes a 100% WEINIG affiliate. WEINIG Group takes over LuxSCAN Technologies Sarl, Ehlerange, Luxembourg in 2007, and again 2010, it takes over HOLZ-HER, Germany.

Therefore, WEINIG AG has production center in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. WEINIG Group not only expanded the business and operations, but also become a synonyms with technological advancement. Over 100 years of history, the company employs intelligent production concepts for optimal value creation.

WEINIG Product Portfolio

  • Rip and Band Saws
  • Automatic Planers and WEINIG Moulders
  • Cross-cut saws
  • Finger-jointing lines
  • Double-end tenoner
  • Gluing presses
  • Automation
  • System solutions
  • Window Processing center
  • Profiling center
  • Measuring tools