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The firm WEIDEMANN is one of the world's leading manufacturers of small and medium sized agricultural equipment. The firm's core range is its selection of wheel loaders, including the well-known Hoftrac model.

Specialists in compact agricultural machinery

WEIDEMANN GmbH is a German firm that manufactures industrial machinery such as loaders and telehandlers, with a focus upon supplying clients in the agriculture sector. The firm was founded as Maschinenfabrik WEIDEMANN KG in 1960 by two brothers who had previously operated a family farm. The company broke through into the European machinery market with its popular Hoftrac - a small and easy to handle loader which sought to replace manual and animal labour on farms. In the 1980s, WEIDEMANN added several new models to the Hoftrac, bringing onto the market its telehandlers and wheel loaders. In the process, the firm attracted clients from outside the agriculture sector, with their machinery finding uses in the construction, landscaping, energy and forestry sectors as well.

The core of WEIDEMANN's work has always been to allow farmers to modernize their businesses by applying the latest in mechanization to traditional tasks. The firm has been extremely successful in their quest, producing over 75,000 vehicles from their plants in the German towns of Korbach and Diemelsee. In the process, the Hoftrac has become an iconic product that has enhanced the operations of farmers across Europe. Nowadays, WEIDEMANN supplies more than just he core range of vehicles. WEIDEMANN has been at the forefront of developing agricultural technology, introducing innovative techniques such as joystick controllable vertical lifts and fold-down canopies for their wheel loaders. The company also supplies accessories for use with the WEIDEMANN loaders, allowing clients to custom-build their machinery to meet their unique needs. WEIDEMANN GmbH is also part of the much larger Wacker Neuson Group of machinery companies, which operates more than 30 subsidiaries, and focuses on similar product areas to WEIDEMANN.

WEIDEMANN Product Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by WEIDEMANN Wacker Neuson includes:

  • Hoftrac compact loaders (17.9 to 35.7 horsepower)
  • Wheel loaders (35.7 to 86 horsepower)
  • Tele Wheel loaders (35.7 to 86 horsepower)
  • Telehandlers (19.2 to 50 horsepower)
  • Accessories for WEIDEMANN equipment

WEIDEMANN products are generally used in agricultural applications, but they have also been purchased by companies and public bodies in the landscaping, construction, forestry and energy sectors. Due to their small size and versatility, they are of use to many different kinds of company.