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weeke German company WEEKE is one of the world's leading wood processing technology firms. It focuses on drilling, assembly and sanding, and is part of the Homag group of firms. As one of the most sought after wood processing machinery manufacture, the price of the machines is high. As a small or big businesses that needs to grow and add machines to it's plant, buying a used WEEKE machines is the best and cheaper solution. With used WEEKE sanding machine for example, you pay for the second hand machine from someone else but still get the high standards and quality machine WEEKE is known for. 

WEEKE Throughfeed Drilling Machine BST 501 Optimat
WEEKE Throughfeed Drilling Machine BST 501 Optimat
WEEKE Throughfeed Processing Centers ABL series
WEEKE Throughfeed Processing Centers ABL series
WEEKE Throughfeed Drilling Machine BST 501 Optimat
WEEKE Throughfeed Drilling Machine BST 501 Optimat

Manufacturing path-breaking wood processing technology since 1945

WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH is a German firm which manufactures wood processing machinery. The firm was founded by Gustav Weeke in 1945 in the Westphalian town of Herzebrock - a region with a large concentration of wood working factories. In the post-war decades WEEKE GmbH prospered, supplying machinery to such factories and expanding its operations. It also innovated, introducing significant advances into wood working processes, such as producing the first lock insertion machine and through-feed drilling - both of which have become standard in modern wood processing. The WEEKE family sold the firm in 1986, as it was included in the Homag group, although WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH retained its own identity and function, even adding sanding technology to its repertoire with the acquisition of Butfering in 2012. This meant that the firm now included four main areas of expertise: drilling, sanding, CNC technology and assembly. It has created a worldwide sales network, and distributes its technology in over 70 countries - a testament to the enduring demand for its wood working expertise. This is backed up by the Homag Competence Centre, an innovation hub that the group has constructed in Herzebrock-Clarholz, where customers can see WEEKE machines in action and consult with experts.


The WEEKE product portfolio

The range of WEEKE machinery includes the following:

  • CHC Stationary technology 
  • Throughfeed drilling technology
  • Drill and fitting insertion technology
  • WOP wood processing software 
  • Integrated wood working stations

WEEKE Homag manufactures products that are used by many different clients. They are primarily targeted at industrial firms that involve wood processing, although this may include construction and architecture companies and smaller workshops as well.