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TRUMPF Machine Tools is a subsidiary of the German TRUMPF Group, based near Stuttgart, and which is a family-owned concern that prides itself on being a world leader. TRUMPF is a high-tech company which specialises in laser technology, manufacturing technology and medical technology, in the fields of laser-based production processes, hospital equipment and electronic applications. TRUMPF is well known for high standards in manufacturing machine tools. If you are in need of a TRUMPF machine its is recommended to buy a used TRUMPF laser machine. That way you can save money and still get all the benefits of a TRUMPF machine, even if it's a second-hand machine.

TRUMPF TruLaser 2030
TRUMPF TruLaser 2030

A history of TRUMPF Machine Tools

Christian TRUMPF founded the company in 1923 in Stuttgart to produce flexible shafts. In the 1930s, its product portfolio expanded to include the first motor-driven sheet metal shears. By 1950, production had exceeded one-million units and its products were available around the world. TRUMPF's second factory was opened later in the decade and a key patent followed in 1957: a coordinate guidance system for metal sheets. Expansion in the use of TRUMPF laser technology came with a shareholding in the Haas-Laser company. A decade later came another important advance when the world's first sheet metal fabrication machine with a numerical control system was unveiled at the European Machine Tool Exhibition in Paris, causing a sensation because of its pioneering computerised operation, which set the stage for the TRUMPF machinery makes today. TRUMPF's research into lasers led it to produce the company's first punching-laser machine in 1979, and it was an immediate success. A specialist laser factory is now part of the TRUMPF factory campus at Ditzingen near Stuttgart, and there are subsidiaries around the world, including in Japan and the United States. The TRUMPF company says it is a company whose history proves that it stands for continuing innovation.

Used TRUMPF Metalworking Machinery For Sale

As one of the leading manufacturers of metalworking machinery and laser optics, TRUMPF offers the most advanced technology. With that TRUMPF machinery can be expensive and in high demand which results in waiting lists of sorts. If you need a TRUMPF machine and can't wait and need to put products out on the market we recommend buying a used TRUMPF metalworking machinery. 

Purchasing a used TRUMPF quicksharp laser cutting machine or any other machine gives you the excellence of the TRUMPF name. TRUMPF build machines a machine to last many hours of heavy duty work even used TRUMPF machine can be still portable and low maintenance. When buying used TRUMPF machine from the second-hand market you will get the machine almost immediately from sellers on the second-hand industrial market. Choose from the wide selection of the used TRUMPF metal working machinery.

TRUMPF Laser Tube Cutting
TRUMPF Laser Tube Cutting

TRUMPF Machines