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traubTRAUB is a manufacturer of turning machines based in the German town of Reichenbach. TRAUB GmbH has established a reputation as a global leader in making CNC turning centres and machining centres with an extensive service network throughout the world. TRAUB machine manufacturer is an important in every metal processing plant. These TRAUB machines are expensive and a good solution to any plant needs is to buy a used TRAUB milling machine.  With high standards for quality when it comes to manufacturing metalworking machinery getting a used TRAUB cnc machine is most likely a very good deal for your plant.


A history of the TRAUB GmbH Manufacturer 

TRAUB TNX 65 42 turn mill center
TRAUB TNX 65 42 turn mill center

TRAUB Drehmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG manufacturer  is part of the Index group of companies, which can trace its history back to 1914 as a leading maker of turning machines. The acquisition of TRAUB by Index in 1997 has sealed the combined companies' reputation as a global leader in their market. TRAUB's main customers are from the automotive sector. It also serves the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and electronics sectors. TRAUB's unique selling point, the company believes, is its close contact with its customers, designing bespoke solutions to whatever specification that the client requires. TRAUB's production process allows this complex machinery to be produced in the most cost-effective way possible. The engineering, research and development department of the combined INDEX TRAUB comprises ten percent of the staff, indicating the importance that the TRAUB company attaches to finding the right solutions for each client's needs. The idea, TRAUB   says, is to give all of its customers, wherever they are in the world, "a competitive advantage". TRAUB GmbH is today based, as it has always been, in Reichenbach, and the company makes all of its products in Germany, believing it to be the best source of the highly educated employees that its demanding production techniques demand. Training is a priority, and TRAUB states that its goal of sustained growth lies in providing market-leading high-quality products. For the future, TRAUB Index sees potential expansion in providing machines for the medical technology sector and to the aerospace industry.

TRAUB Machines Manufacturing Examples:

  • Universal turning centers
  • Short turning machines
  • Long turning machines
TRAUB CNC milling machie
TRAUB CNC milling machie