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toyota industriesThe TOYOTA Industries Corporation has a successful history that started in 1926. They started out producing automatic looms, and over the years it transformed into a global and diverse corporation that is reputable worldwide. To enrich your company's fleet or you are just starting a business and in need of a reliable, durable and low maintenance forklift or any other product from TOYOTA consider to buy a second hand TOYOTA. With much lower price and almost good condition state (due to TOYOTA high standards) a used TOYOTA forklift id a very good deal for your company.


Innovation and Creativity

TOYOTA Forklift
TOYOTA Forklift

Traditionally, the focus of TOYOTA Industries Corporation's operations were on developing and manufacturing textile machines. Sakichi Toyoda laid the foundation for this sustainable success of this company through the development of an innovative, automatic loom. Even today, TOYOTA still puts innovative products on the market, like the airjet weaving machine and other different types of textile machines. This cooperation is always setting new standards. TOYOTA cars are another important division of the TOYOTA Industries Corporation. Additionally, this cooperation develops and produces various components for automobiles, like engines, electronics, air compressors or specialised punching tools, through its many subsidiary companies. TOYOTA has been very successful in the logistics sector for many years. This includes planing and optimising logistics solutions and supplying transportation, storage and delivery products and services in the whole of Japan. The fourth segment of Toyota Industries Corporation includes the development, manufacturing and sales of material handling equipment. This includes  various types of forklifts (diesel forklift truckscompact forklifts, etc.), machines and equipment for transportation and storage, and working platforms to ensure good production flows. They are also represented by the brands BT, Raymond and Aichi.

TOYOTA's Five values for outstanding results

The TOYOTA Industries Corporation has five values within the framework of their company philosophy:

  • Respect the law, both inside and outside of Japan;
  • Respect the culture and tradition of people from all regions;
  • Respect the natural environment by producing high quality, safe and clean products and services;
  • Respect the customers, who have the right to additional benefits;
  • Respect the employees, so that they can reach their potential.