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STILL logoSTILL forklifts is a large German company that manufactures a wide range of high quality industrial trucks, designed for various functions and powered by a range of innovative drives. Based in Hamburg, STILL Materials Handling Ltd employs 6,000 people in Germany alone, with more factories in Brazil and Italy. Warehouses without forklifts and stackers cannot operate. If you run a warehouse you must be familiar with the famous brand STILL material handling , high reach trucks and more and how costly it is. One of the most common solution for buying a STILL machine and not braking the bank is to buy a used STILL forklift. STILL is known for its high quality and standards, and that way you can be assured that the used STILL stacker that you will buy at industrial auctions most likely be at great shape

The history of STILL Forklifts GmbH 

Hans STILL founded the company in Hamburg in 1920. At first his business was repairing electric motors. He fast moved on to manufacturing them. Generators were at first at the heart of the company's portfolio. Post-war, STILL introduced its first electrically-powered forklifts. German, Italian and Japanese railways ordered 100s of STILL forklifts and electric trolleys in the 1950s, allowing STILL to gain in strength. In 1969, the manufacture of electrical machinery was stopped, with the focus now entirely on the manufacture of industrial vehicles, always aiming at innovation for its customers. By the 1970s, the first fully-automated machines were installed on the STILL production line, while employees were offered flexible working hours. STILL GmbH was one of the first in its field to meet California emissions requirements with its products. In the 1980s, STILL introduced the first hybrid drive industrial truck. STILL Germany continued to expand, and in 1989, for instance, bought the French Saxby concern. The fall of the Berlin wall led to expansion into eastern Europe and in the 2000s, a multi-million euro investment programme in new manufacturing facilities. STILL today says it focuses on innovative and intelligent ideas, always with an eye on the environment.

STILL EXU-H low lift pallet truck
STILL EXU-H low lift pallet truck
STILL RC 40 Diesel and LPG forklift
STILL RC 40 Diesel and LPG forklift
STILL RX 50 Electric Forklift
STILL RX 50 Electric Forklift

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