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The German brand, STAMA manufactures a range of saws, handcrafts, spaetzle presses and many other types of machineries.

STAMA Introduction and History

The company was founded by Gotthilf Stark in 1938, but the production of petrol lighters, band saws, handcarts or spaetzle presses was started from 1940. During 1954, STAMA GmbH developed a stand drilling machine, patented STAMA revolver driller heads ARBO which can use up to seven tools.

Since 1963, it started focusing on automation. STAMA launched revolver drilling automated system RV 115/H that time. It was a milestone in automated manufacturing. From 1970, the automation process began in full-fledge. The first STAMA NC Revolver drilling automated system was developed, which is again a genuine pioneering performance. As the premises reach the limit, the production of the revolver drilling automated systems was partly shifted to Uhingen near Goppingen in 1973, where the company launched the first vertical CNC controlled machining center MC 315 at the EMO in Paris, 1975.

After 5 years, in 1980, STAMA become the first CNC double-spindle machining center and under the name of TWIN, they produced highly productive manufacturing tasks worldwide. Up to 1981, it introduced the 100the machining center of the MC 315/MC 430 model range and most of them are still with the company.

From 1990, STAMA stated in-house spindle construction for the TWIN, TWIN2 and MT centers. In 1997, the first CNC center for the complete bar machining launched by the company, which revolutionized many manufacturing operations and production procedures. In 2005, more than 70% of all STAMA centers leave the work as turnkey solutions, followed by a productivity boos with the new 4-spindle centers in 2007 when the company started manufacturing MT-2C, 6-sided complete machining.

In 2010, STAMA centers adopted PEPS- Performance efficiency per square meter (design principle). In 20120, the company was awarded first and again in 2012 with ‘TOP 100’ award.

The STAMA Product Portfolio


  • Automotive
  • Precision Engineering
  • Fluid Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Technology
  • Tool Manufacturing


  • Milling and turning for every batch size - MT, MT 2C and MT TWIN
  • Optimal series manufacturing - MC Single, MC TWIN and MC TWIN²