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From beginnings as a sheet metal manufacturer, SSI SCHÄFER has become a world leader in efficiency - providing solutions regarding workstations, manufacturing processes and storage for a huge variety of different clients.

Providing logistics, storage and workstation solutions around the world

SSI SCHÄFER is a German owned company which operates in the logistics, storage and conveying, workstation design and waste management sectors. The firm was founded in 1937 by Fritz Schaefer as a firm specializing in the manufacture of sheet metal products. In 1948, the company moved to larger premises in Neunkirchen-Salchendorf where it focused on manufacturing boxes for the transportation of goods. After the sons of the founder took over in the 1950s, SSI SCHAEFER began to expand rapidly, establishing a dominant role in the production of specialist transport containers for items like nails and screwdrivers, as well as fixed storage boxes for use in workshops and warehouses. By the 1960s, SSI SCHÄFER had started to expand overseas, opening subsidiaries in Switzerland and the UK, and this expansion has continued, with an international presence as far afield as Australia and the USA. Since the 1970s, SCHAEFER has pioneered catalogue based shopping for its products, and this innovation has spilled over into its online marketing. It has also moved on from just producing boxes to becoming a world leader in logistics systems. It works with clients to create ergonomic, efficient workspaces that meet their needs, and provides turnkey logistics solutions for complex organizations. Schaefer now operates a global sales and support team, and works on all continents to supply its expertise. SCHAEFER shop is located in Berlin. 

SSI SCHÄFER Product Portfolio

SSI SCHÄFER manufacturers and sells products in the following areas:

SSI SCHÄFER deals with a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors. schaeffer picking technology is used by companies such as tobacco or pharmaceutical manufacturers, while its logistics and workstation arm supplies products and services to office and workshop based businesses around the world.