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SCHROEDER Group is an innovative Germany engineering company with a decades long history of producing machinery for  sheet metal processing. The range starts with manual folding tools for smaller workshops and for construction sites, and extends to the very latest computerised automatic folding centres which are used in the industrial sheet metal processing industry.

A history of SCHROEDER Group 

The founder of the SCHRÖDER Group, Hans SCHROEDER, registered the company as an agricultural repair business in September 1949. Progressing to the sale of  agricultural machinery, it was in 1963 that the company began to specialise in manufacturing the machinery that made its name globally, with the first production of creasing machines. As SCHROEDER Group expanded, motorised shears were introduced and were an instant hit with the sheet-metal processing industry. A proud moment was a 1971 state-wide medal at a Munich trade fair. Further expansion followed in the 1970s and 1980s, with a landmark in 1982-86 as the first electronic components were incorporated. The company was also beginning to produce machines customised for specific clients. In 1994 came another state-wide gold medal, as SCHROEDER marketed its machinery well beyond Germany's borders. In 2008, the first fully-automatic bending centre was showcased. In 2009, SCHROEDER, now incorporating the Fasti engineering concern, celebrated its 60th birthday, with the knowledge that it had become one of the global leaders in the supply of machines for processing sheet metal with a unique portfolio of products, from the manual to highly sophisticated automatic machines. Hans SCHRÖDER Group is now in the hands of another generation of the family, and says that it still remains true to its founding principles of quality of service and close connection with customers.

SCHROEDER Product Portfolio