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The German company SATA manufactures paint guns, air filtration equipment and accessories for use in industrial applications such as car and plane production and advanced carpentry.

One of Europe's leading manufacturers of industrial painting equipment

The German firm SATA manufactures equipment for the paint application industry. The company was founded by Arthur Haeberle and August Drehmann in 1906 and initially manufactured surgical instruments. The firm changed focus in the 1920s, introducing the first of its spray guns in 1926, and SATA steadily became one of the leading firms in the field. By the 1960s, the company had set up a network of sales operatives that was active across Europe and was a major supplier of equipment to the booming automotive sector. In the 1980s, the firm expanded still further, opening a new manufacturing facility in the town of Kornwestheim and taking on a new name - SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH and Co. The 2000s saw SATA improving its logistics performance with the creation of a new dedicated logistics centre, as the company scored regularly among the 100 most innovative firms in Germany. 2006 found SATA in an even stronger position, with the opening of the firm's UK subsidiary in the town of Newmarket, and continuing introduction of new technologies courtesy of the company's research and development centre. This has led to some exciting breakthroughs in paint application, such as the SATAjet 4000 B which allows for photorealistic imaging on metals and plastics. Nowadays, SATA has over 250 employees and is heavily export oriented, with over 70 percent of sales taking place overseas. The company has achieved such success by working closely with clients from the beginning of their purchase process to completion, as well as in supporting existing clients via training and the maintenance of SATA products.

The SATA product portfolio

The range of paint-related products manufactured by SATA includes:

  • Car refinishing products
  • Specialist painting systems for high viscosity materials
  • HVLP spray guns
  • RP spray guns
  • High pressure and airbrush guns
  • Automatic paint guns
  • Spray bottles and cleaning bottles
  • Sieves
  • Breathing protection equipment
  • Air filtration equipment

The products manufactured by SATA are used in many industrial situations, but their major clients are in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Clients could also include carpentry firms and printing companies.