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SAMSUNG is a leading name in consumer electronics, and the South Korean company produce a wide range of smartphones, notebook computers and home appliances for the international market.

From humble beginnings

Founded as a small trading company in the 1930's, SAMSUNG now design and manufacture iconic products like the Galaxy Note and ecobubble washer and dryer systems. Little could founding chairman Byung-Chull Lee have known on March 1st 1938 when he began his small trading company in Daegu, Korea to export Korean dried fish, fruit and vegetables to Beijing and Manchuria just how successful it would become. SAMSUNG means 'three stars' in Korean, and this international corporation is now a star of international proportions.

Growth and progress

SAMSUNG was quick to capitalise on business acumen of its founder and acquired other companies which it re-branded with the SAMSUNG name. SAMSUNG established its Samsung-Sanyo Electronics branch in 1969, its first electronic products for the international market appeared in the early 1970's. Strategic investment in the petrochemical and chemical industries laid important foundations for future growth, while by the the 1980's SAMSUNG was an international household name, selling its 20 millionth colour television in 1989.

A highly respected global giant

Advances in technology and the dawn of the digital age saw SAMSUNG's video and computer sector grow and it developed its first mobile phone in 1992. In 2000 SAMSUNG developed the first HD TV, and formed an important alliance with Yahoo! Business Week rated SAMSUNG No. 1 in the world's 100 top electronics companies and by 2013 SAMSUNG recorded 1 billion of its iconic Galaxy smartphone series shipped on the global market. Other notable landmarks include the 2010 opening of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa by SAMSUNG C&T, and the sponsorship of the 2012 Paralympic Games by SAMSUNG Electronics.

SAMSUNG Product Portfolio

Today the company is a leading name in  constructionelectronics, biopharmaceuticals and is a Top 10 global brand. Some of its most popular products include:

  • Smartphones - SAMSUMG Galaxy series, including Galaxy Note
  • Notebooks and Tablets - ATIV notebook series, ATIV tablets inc. smartpen
  • Home Appliances - ecobubble washing machines and dryers, SOLO microwave ovens
  • TV - Curved series smart HD TV
  • Printers and Computer monitors