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The Italian company PRAMAC (PR Industrial a world (uk, america) leader in the fields of electric generator production, materials handling and components for photovoltaic plants. With its headquarters in Siena, Italy, where the company was founded, and listed on the Italian stock exchange, PRAMAC GmbH is also well-known for its ownership of a Moto-GP team.

The history of PRAMAC SpA

The origins of PRAMAC date back to 1966 when one of its constituent companies L'Europea S.r.l. was founded by Mario Campinoti and Spartaco Benini. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, PR Industrial S.r.l. emerged in 1994. PRAMAC's focus throughout this time, with main offices still in Siena and with a presence in dozens more countries, including the US and China, has always been on producing high quality heavy duty generators, aimed primarily at industrial, telecommunications, agricultural and residential businesses. PRAMAC's portable range of generators brings these exacting standards to the user with more modest needs such as powering motor pumps, high pressure washers or as welder generators. The extensive Powermate range, a trademark acquired in 2008, offers more alternatives with outputs ranging from 3000 to 12500 watts. PR Industrial S.r.l. compact stackers, through its Lifter S.r.l. division, are part of an innovative material handling equipment range aimed at warehouse usage. In 2007, the company formed Proit and Solar Express, two companies dedicated to the renewable energies sector, which along with another new subsidiary, PRAMAC Swiss S.A., develops panels and components for photovoltaic systems. The company's Moto-GP team made its debut in 2002 and races in association with Ducati.

PRAMAC Product Portfolio

  • Stationery generator sets 
  • Portable generator sets 
  • Portable generators aimed at the retail market 
  • Lifter handling systems 
  • Photovoltaic systems