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Based in the Spanish city of Almeria, PIQUERSA is a firm that manufactures street sweeping and cleaning vehicles, as well as  forklift trucks and earth-moving equipment.

One of Europe's leading manufacturers of cleaning and earth moving vehicles

PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA SA. is a Spanish firm which manufactures industrial vehicles, including earth movers, dumper trucks, beach cleaning vehicles and  street sweepers. The firm's expertise generally lies in the field of environmental management, but it was originally founded in the late 1980s as a producer of earth moving equipment alone. The firm was born from Piquer Hermanos, S.A, which has a history of manufacturing dumpsters which stretches back to 1955. Nowadays, PIQUERSA operates a 10,000 square metre factory facility, which also includes an extensive exhibition hall, and also runs sales operations in different regions of Spain and Portugal. The firm was founded in Almeria on Spain's southern coast, and swiftly decided that there was a need for simpler, easier to use industrial vehicles across a wide variety of different markets.

Partnering with major manufacturers and retaining their roots

From their roots in earth moving equipment, PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA expanded rapidly, introducing concrete mixers, and then a broad selection of  cleaning machinery. This has been combined with creating a wide distribution network, which allows the company to distribute industrial vehicles manufactured by international partners such as Applied Sweepers and Cherrington beach cleaners. The modern firm emphasizes the important of investing in staff skills, and focuses on ensuring that its products are of a high quality and sustainably produced. Despite becoming a supplier of cleaning and earth moving equipment to customers in the private and public sector across Europe, the company remains rooted in the community of Almeria, where it runs social and environmental projects.


The range of products manufactured by PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA SA includes:

  • Dumper trucks (1750 to 4000 kg)
  • Dragging and aspiration street sweepers
  • Concrete mixers
  • Forklifts
  • Beach cleaners

The products manufactured by PIQUERSA MAQUINARIA SA are used in a variety of contexts. Their earth moving vehicles are appropriate for construction projects and mining or agricultural companies, while their cleaning equipment is used widely by municipalities in ensuring that public spaces are kept clean.