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optimum logoOPTIMUM is a German company who has been manufacturing industrial machines since the early 1990s and remain at the forefront of technical innovation.


Information about the company

OPTIMUM Headquarters
OPTIMUM Headquarters in Hallstadt

OPTIMUM Maschinen Germany GmbH has a rich heritage and has been passionate about manufacturing metalworking machines for around 20 years. The company founders are themselves machinists and possess a detailed knowledge of what is required in the metalworks industry. For two decades, they have designed and manufactured hundreds of innovative metalwork products consisting of meaningful and differentiated features. OPTIMUM have been one of the European market leaders in this industry for some time now and have built a firm reputation for quality, sustainability, accuracy and consistent value for money. Every member of this workforce from the CEO's to the people on the ground floor possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the machinist industry and that has allowed this company to develop some of the most trusted products in the metalworking community. All products created by OPTIMUM GmbH are developed to extremely demanding standards and they are manufactured in the same factory in which their inception takes place. All components of these innovative products are chosen after much deliberation, which ensures only the best designs, materials and production methods are utilized.

OPTIMUM Multifunctional drilling machine
OPTIMUM Multifunctional drilling machine

OPTIMUM Products

Since being founded in the early 1990s, OPTIMUM have been responsible for the inception of hundreds of metalworking products, including OPTIMUM lathes, milling machines and other machine tools. which are highly recommended by numerous enterprises today. Below are some of the most innovative OPTIMUM equipment :

Optimum BF20 Milling Machine
Optimum BF20 Milling Machine
  • Course grade sanding belt
  • Bench drill press
  • Gear head mill/drill
  • Floor drill press
  • Collett chuck set, ER32-R8
  • Bench lathe, 9x20, 1HP, 1 Phase
  • Machine tool coolant pump, 2.4 gallon
  • Digital readout, 115v
  • Glass scale, 32 "
  • Bench lathe, 8 x 15, 1HP, 1 phase
  • Lathe, 12x36, 2HP, 2 phase
  • Belt grinder, 5HP, 230v
  • Lathe mill drill, 10 x 20 "
  • Quick action tool holder kit, 15 to 18 "
  • Machine Vise, self centring, 4 "