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OKUMA is a Japanese corporation whose focus is on manufacturing precision tools such as OKUMA lathes and grinders, along with high-tech controls and software for these equipment and machine tools.

A Japanese firm which manufactures machine tools and controls

The Japanese firm OKUMA was founded in the town of Nagoya in 1898 and specializes in the manufacture of machine tools, CNC controls and motors. Since its foundation, OKUMA Corporation has become a globally active corporation, with bases in the USA - OKUMA America -, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and a strong presence in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai. OKUMA Corp has its origins in the production of noodle-making machines, but it quickly found a niche as a machine tools manufacturer, with an early focus on machine lathes. By 1937, it was Japan's largest machine tools manufacturer, and it took this dominance into the post-war era. The 1950s and 60s saw OKUMA Group developing precision controlled lathes, and by 1976 the firm had branched out into the USA and Europe through OKUMA America Corporation and OKUMA Europe GmbH. Nowadays, the firm has production and sales operations on almost every continent and is a leading supplier of machine tools to industries across the globe. Recent years have also seen the OKUMA company beginning to focus closely on sustainability, and has been seeking to manufacture products with the maximum lifespan and productivity, so that material wastage is minimized. The company has also focused on building a global support network to back-up customers with advice and maintenance. This all ties in with the vision of OKUMA's CEO, who seeks to combine high quality tools with customer satisfaction, so that the firm becomes the "single source for machines and controls."

OKUMA Machines & Machine Tools

OKUMA's range of products includes:

OKUMA machinery is used in many different fields of industry. Its primary clients are heavy and light industrial manufacturers who need to manipulate metals. However, its controls are also used by vehicle manufacturers.