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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a Japanese company with their head office in Tokyo. They do not only produce vehicles, but also electronics and forklifts, which are called MITSUBISHI Forklift Trucks.

The history of MITSUBISHI

In 1870, MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries Ltd. was founded by Iwasaki Yataro as a shipping company. They had three steam boats in their fleet, which were available for rent. It was only three years later that MITSUBISHI was used as the company name. His younger brother took over the company after Iwasaki Yataro's death. He founded a line service for the shipping, which was active worldwide. He simultaneously engaged himself in baking and mining. Over the following decade, this family-run company founded another company in the area of banking, property and sales. Furthermore, MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries also produced fighter jets. Until 1945, there were 200 companies within the corporation. After the second world war, the group was administered by the American occupation authorities, who transformed the whole group into a single company. All the companies are independent, but still use the MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries Ltd logo up until today. In 1992, the MITSUBISHI Caterpillar Forklift was founded, which worked with manufacturers of forklifts. This was a new way into the worldwide market.

MITSUBISHI Electric order picker
MITSUBISHI Electric order picker
MITSUBISHI Three-wheel electric forklift
MITSUBISHI Three-wheel electric forklift

MITSUBISHI's product range

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries product portfolio is very wide. Within the area of forklifts ( Misubishi Material Handling ) it is possible split into the following categories:

There are various types of lift trucks, commissioners, reach and multi-way trucks available for storage facilities. MITSUBISHI products are award-winning and have the highest level of specification. Therefore, they have a high level of productivity, reliability and capacity.


MITSUBISHI Heavy Industry company provides a comprehensive service. Their philosophy is that all their products can only work properly, if special attention is placed on the reliability and ease of service of all the spare parts. All their systems are made to be durable. They have two types of maintenance contracts available, which are suited to fit customer requirements, and save both time and money.