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French giant MICHELIN manufactures vehicle tyres. The firm is best known for its pneumatic car tyres, but the company also manufactures many different kinds of specialist tyre for use in industrial environments.

World leaders in the manufacture of high performance tyres

French firm MICHELIN is a multi-national manufacturer of vehicle tyres, and offers a range of different tyre-related products for commercial and industrial clients. The company was founded in 1889 by Edouard and Andre MICHELIN in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand. The company's big innovation came when they developed the world's first pneumatic tyre, allowing cyclists and, soon, motorists to swap tyres when they burst or wore out. As cars developed, so did MICHELIN's product range, with the company becoming one of a few suppliers of high performance tyres to automobile manufacturers around the world. Technological highlights included the introduction of the revolutionary radial tyre in 1946, which was developed to suit the product range of Citroen - which MICHELIN had taken over a few years before. The company also continued to supply tyres for industrial vehicles, not just private cars, introducing the first radial tyre for earth-movers in 1959.

Expanding overseas and introducing radial tyres for all applications

The firm also decided to push forward its tyre technology by creating one of the world's most advanced vehicle testing centres at Ladoux, which opened in 1965 and still ensures that MICHELIN tyres are adapted for tough conditions. Radial tyres for agricultural vehicles followed in the late 1970s, and then radial tyres for aviation uses - as MICHELIN also became a leading supplier of high performance tyres for Formula 1 racing teams. The 1990s saw the firm's research become focused on ensuring energy efficiency, and MICHELIN rolled out its ground-breaking range of low rolling resistance tyres in 1992. Alongside this commitment to efficiency, the company continued to supply even the most challenging industrial clients, creating the world's largest earth-mover tyres in 2001. The company also continued to expand abroad, opening massive manufacturing plants in Brazil and China in 2012, where the next generation of MICHELIN tyres will be produced to ensure that industrial vehicles run even more efficiently and reliably.

The MICHELIN product portfolio

The range of products manufactured by MICHELIN includes:

  • Earthmover tyres
  • Compact industrial tyres
  • Tyres for quarrying vehicles
  • Car, SUV and truck tyres
  • Specialist tyres for port vehicles

The tyres manufactured by MICHELIN are used in vehicles in a huge number of economic sectors. The firm's core range is designed for cars and SUVs, vans, trucks and motorcycles but specialist tyres are available for industrial vehicles such as earthmovers and mining lorries. MICHELIN can manufacture tyres for different weather conditions and grip requirements, meaning that it supplies most industries that require vehicle tyres.