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The Italian company MERLO specializes in manufacturing telescopic handlers, forklifts and concrete mixers. It focuses on automation of its manufacturing procedures and invests heavily in research and development.

MERLO Expertise in lifting and mixing for over 100 years

MERLO SpA is an Italian firm which manufactures heavy industrial vehicles and other equipment for the mining and construction sectors. The company was founded in 1911 as an iron working concern in the small Italian town of Cuneo. But the firm really took off in the 1960s, with a new factory just outside the town and a new range of dumper trucks and concrete mixers, which were in demand during a period of rapid economic expansion. MERLO entered new sectors in the 1970s, with the launch of its range of all terrain forklift trucks, featuring advanced design features like hydrostatic transmission. This was followed by even more innovation, with the launch of an automated welding robot in 1977. The 1980s saw further expansion and new products like the MERLO's telescopic handler (which has since become its signature vehicle). These handlers became a popular choice across Europe, with their good visibility and dexterity, as well as a fine safety record. In the 90s, MERLO Group branched out into supplying agricultural producers with specialist vehicles, and launched a range of "ultra-compact" handlers as well. The firm has continued to innovate, with high-altitude handlers and its popular Multifarmer products proving a success in a wide variety of fields. MERLO SpA remains based in Cuneo, but has a worldwide sales force. It continues to set aside 8 percent of turnover to fund research and development, and to produce as much as possible in-house, while mechanizing production as much as possible to maximize efficiency.

MERLO SpA Product Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by MERLO includes:

  • Ultra-compact telescopic handlers
  • Larger telescopic handlers
  • Platform lift vehicles
  • Small mobile forklift trackers
  • Attachments for telescopic handlers
  • Motorized concrete mixers
  • Turbofarmer vehicles
  • Medium an high lifts

Products manufactured by MERLO uk are used in a large number of industries. These include construction, mining, agriculture, light and heavy industry and the energy sector. MERLO Group products are also used by emergency services and militaries.