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mep spaMEP Macchine Elettroniche Piegatrici SpA is one of the world's top manufacturers of rebar equipment and a leading expert in resistance welding technology. The company's main focus is on the provision of reliable, heavy-duty machinery to a wide customer base.


About MEP SpA

The story of MEP SpA began in 1967. In that year, the company manufactured the world's first coil-fed automatic stirrup bender, which led the steel processing industry into a new era. Since that time, MEP has continued to lead the way in the field of research and development, acquiring a number of other companies along the way which trade under the MEP GROUP banner. In 1970, MEP opened its first rebar fabrication plant, while in 1988 it launched the very first automatic mesh welding plant.

The MEP GROUP now employs in excess of 300 employees in locations across the world. In addition to its main base in Reana del Rojale in Italy, MEP SpA  has facilities in Austria, Russia, Poland, France, Brazil and South Korea. A truly worldwide organisation, MEP Machines boasts sales territories in a total of 98 countries. The MEP GROUP includes under its main banner other companies such as FERROSTAFF and PROMOSTAR.

MEP Product Portfolio

Since its inception in 1967, MEP Products has produced well in excess of 10,000 industrial machines and filed over 80 patents. The company continues to invest a proportion of its sales revenue into further research and development.

The main manufacturing output of MEP SpA is focused on heavy-duty machines for the metal processing industry. These include:

  • Stirrup bending machines
  • Automatic shaping centres
  • Automatic straightening machines
  • Pre-cage assembling machines
  • Truss girder welding machines
  • Mesh welding plants

MEP Machines also produces a range of cutting equipment including the Superflex and Flexiplus models.