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LINDE company logoThe LINDE Material Handling GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe within the fields of forklifts and storage technology. Additionally, LINDE construction company is known as one of the most important producers of hydraulic power units that are, for example, used for forklifts.Buying a used LINDE forklift on an order picker for your warehouse can save a business a lot of money. LINDE have the highest quality standards making the machines durable and reliable even when you buy them from a second hand dealer.

LINDE History

In 1904, the Güldner-Motoren-Gesellschaft was founded by Hugo Güldner, Carl von Linde and Georg von Krauss. 25 years later, Carl von Linde bought all shares of the company, which proved to be a good move because that meant that LINDE could enter the tractor and diesel engine sectors. At the end of the 1950s, the company expanded its product range to hydraulic and industrial trucks. Up until the year 1969, LINDE Material Handling Ltd. produced tractors and diesel engines, and afterwards the production was completely set up. In the following decade, LINDE Germany concentrated its business on overtaking the Europe-wide companies who have specialised their production on construction and forklifts. In the middle of the 1980s, a new range of forklifts revolutionised the worldwide production of forklifts; the 351 Range was the best both in terms of design and capacity, and became a successful forklift worldwide. Today, LINDE is a part of the KION group. The former LINDE company produced more than 500,000 forklifts and brought a new storage technology concept vehicle onto the market.

LINDE electric reach truck
LINDE electric reach truck
LINDE order picker
LINDE order picker
LINDE LPG forklift
LINDE LPG forklift

LINDE Products & Machines

In LINDE's product portfolio, namely LINDE material handling equipment you could find: 

There are also several different solutions available that are orientated towards special customer requirements. From forklifts to lift trucks to combined vehicles, they offer a range of high-quality products. One of the most innovative designs is the rotatable driver's seat, which is featured in the CeMAT 2011. This means that large and bulky loads can be easily driven backwards. This also reduces the health risks (e.g. on the musculoskeletal system) often associated with this work.

In addition to used and rental LINDE equipment, there is a range of services available. A constant maintenance service, 24 hour spare parts delivery service and training services are all part of the offer.