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​KUKA Robotics

KUKA Robotics logoThe focus of KUKA Robotics is to produce robots with various designs that can be used in many different areas of industry. KUKA Robotic works alongside KUKA Systems, which both belong to the KUKA AG in Augsburg. When looking on buying a robot are for you plant, it could be a very costly affair. Getting a used KUKA robotics arm can save your plant a lot of money with the same productivity that a new machine will give you. KUKA robotics is one of the leading firms in robotics, thus making it very reliable robotic arms manufacturer.


KUKA Robotics' company history

The founders, Johann Josef Keller and Jakob Knappich, opened a acetylene plant in 1898 in Ausburg. At first, they focussed on producing affordable house and street lighting. After seven years, the focus of the business moved towards autogenous and resistance welding. The first spot welding guns were produced by this company, whose corporate name (KUKA) is an acronym for “Keller and Knappich Augsburg”. In addition to their success, KUKA Roboter GmbH started building bodies for  automobiles, developing their welding equipment technology, and in 1973 the first KUKA Roboter GmbH industrial welding robot was brought onto the market. After around 10 years of corporation with the family Quandt and restructuring, in 1995 KUKA Robotics was created along with KUKA Systems GmbH, which focused on welding technology.

In 2014, the company gained a high level of recognition with the "Man Vs. Machine Tabe Tennis game" when they let one of their machines play against the table tennis professional, Timo Boll.

KUKA KR 30 industrial robot
KUKA KR 30 industrial robot
KUKA KR 600 heavy duty industrial robot
KUKA KR 600 heavy duty industrial robot
KUKA KR30 medium payloade industrial robot
KUKA KR30 medium payloade industrial robot

Main activities

KUKA AG's industrial robots have a variety of different carrying capacities and special designs and automation, so that they can be used in a large variety of ways. They are not only used in the automobile industry, but can also be used in production, storage or delivery, loading or unloading and for direct use in various different branches of industry. Additionally, KUKA Robotics creates the necessary steering and software solutions needed to fit any requirements. With sophisticated robot systems, like Milling 8 KW, Occubot or Robocoaster, the company has created lots of solutions for
special tasks.

KUKA Systems GmbH Product Portfolio

  • Various industrial robots
  • Steering
  • Software
  • Robotic systems
  • Linear systems
  • Energy supply
  • Positioners