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KEMPER GmbH is a German company, based in the town of Stadtlohn in the Münsterland region, which specialises in the manufacture of row independent harvesting headers, and is owned by the American corporation Deere & Company. KEMPER equipment's motto is "strength through continuity" and all of its products are made in Germany on state-of-the-art production lines on a 100,000 m2 site. 

A history of Maschinenfabrik KEMPER GmbH & Co. KG 

The company that is KEMPER today was founded by Wilhelm Kemper in 1908, as an agricultural repair shop and dealership. By 1950, the company was producing its first stable manure spreaders, with its single row maize harvester, known as "The Maize Wolf" following in 1969. In 1984, Maschinenfabrik KEMPER GmbH & Co. Kg announced its four row mounted forage harvester, and two years later its "Champion" row-independent technology for forage harvesting. After a second generation of row independent headers was introduced in 1993, the "Champion" series was updated with the M 6000, featuring eight rows over six metres. A landmark came in 1997, when KEMPER was acquired by the American giant Deere & Company, best known by its brand name John Deere. While KEMPER Maschinenfabrik became part of what is the largest agricultural manufacturer in the world, production and research and development of KEMPER GmbH GmbH & Co. KG products and equipment has remained at the KEMPER Maschinenfabrik Stadtlohn plant. Further refinement of the product portfolio has included a fourth generation of row independent headers, with a nine metre working width. The company remains proud of its German heritage and KEMPER GmbH says its aim is to provide superior quality and innovative solutions to its customers in the global agricultural industry.

KEMPER GmbH Product portfolio 

  • Harvesting headers
  • Tractor-mounted choppers and equipment