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KÄRCHER is a leading name in modern high-tech cleaning solutions for home and professional use, and is famous for its range of pressure washers. The company has diversified into drainage and water supply solutions, and its trademark bright yellow livery is recognised all over the world.

Making cleaning a profitable concern

German innovator and entrepreneur Alfred Kärcher founded the company that bears his name in 1935 in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Germany. His plan was to develop his own products, and the inventor patented a hardening and tempering method, the 'Kärcher salt bath furnace' for use in the industrial metal and engineering sector. However, his real breakthrough was to come in 1950, when he developed his first pressure washer, the DS350 hot water steam blaster - the first of its kind in Europe. His innovative water heating technology was so advanced for its time that it is still used as the basic format for KÄRCHER steam cleaners today.

The company progresses to the international market

Today, KÄRCHER is run by the second generation of the family and is known all over the world for industrial and home cleaning products that are used in a wide variety of ways. It was in 1962 that KÄRCHER founded its French subsidiary and the move signalled its debut on the international market. Following the opening of its Brazilian plant in 1975, KÄRCHER quickly expanded to become a global concern, and is represented in 57 countries today. KÄRCHER also has 40,000 services centres in more than 190 countries and continues to lead the way in creative cleaning solutions that make deep cleaning readily available. The brand continues to excel, and some its creative successes include its unique 'Dirt Blaster' nozzle and the TACT filter cleaning system. Unique projects such as the cleaning and restoration using a blasting process of the 284 travertine columns that line St. Peter's Square in the Italian capital Rome, keep KÄRCHER in the news and ahead of the competition.

Some of the innovative products that KÄRCHER produce include :