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The machine manufacturer JUNGHEINRICH was founded in 1953 and is one of the three biggest producers of industrial trucks, logistics systems, and shelving and storage systems worldwide. If you own a warehouse a JUNGHEINRICH truck is a must. unfortunately as a world famous manufacturer of forklifts and other material handlers the price is set accordingly (pretty high). One of the best solutions is to buy a used ​JUNGHEINRICH forklift, due to the company's high standards when it comes to quality of manufacturing, even the used JUNGHEINRICH lift trucks can be in very good condition. With the fraction of the price you will receive a good condition forklift and a top brand.


JUNGHEINRICH ETX 513 high reach staker
JUNGHEINRICH ETX 513 high reach staker

60 years ago, this company was a small workshop in Hamburg's Barmbeck quarter, with only 30 employees. In 60 years it has transformed itself into a worldwide leading corporation in the industrial track and material flow technology sectors. With over 11,000 employees and its presence on the stock market since 1990, JUNGHEINRICH AG is represented in over 30 sales and service companies and operates in more than 100 countries. JUNGHEINRICH is known for its innovation and continually bettering their technology. The term “Ameise” is not only synonymous for a hand or electric pallet truck, but is also the registered trademark of the company JUNGHEINRICH AG.

JUNGHEINRICH AG is constantly developing the design of their forklifts and lift trucks. They try to reduce human vibration to achieve the most energy efficiency engines. In 2011, JUNGHEINRICH Ltd. presented the first forklift with lithium-ion technology.

The Reason to Buy Used Forklifts from JUNGHEINRICH

Due to such exemplary state of the art technologies, JUNGHEINRICH AG has developed into a leading worldwide corporation within the industrial trucks and logistics system solutions sectors. For all that reasons, used forklift trucks is a very good deal when looking for machines for your business. 

JUNGHEINRICH Product Portfolio:

Jungheinrich etvc16
Jungheinrich ETVC16 - Reach Truck