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Founded 1904
Headqurters UK

JOHNSTON Sweepers Ltd. is a British manufacturer of outdoor surface cleansing equipment, based in the town of Dorking in the county of Surrey. The company says it is a world leader in the field of road sweeping, with more than 200 distributors globally, and with JOHNSTON road sweeping machinery on duty daily in major cities from Moscow to New York.

A history of JOHNSTON Sweepers Ltd.

JM JOHNSTON and his two brothers were the pioneers of the company that we now know as JOHNSTON Sweepers Ltd. In 1904, in the heart of London, England, they began importing and distributed stone from Germany for use as a foundation for road construction. By 1908, the brothers were making their first road oriented machine, designed for use in tarring roads. In just two years, it became the choice of town councils throughout Britain. After the First World War, refinement of its machinery continued, and in 1937 JOHNSTON produced the machine that is the direct ancestor of the core of the company's production today: the JOHNSTON Mobile Sweeper and Collector. In the 1950s, the company produced its first commercial JOHNSTON truck-mounted sweeper, after several prototypes had been produced.

Launched at a public works exhibition, this machine was an immediate success and its introduction is regarded today as a real milestone in its field. By 1965, the company had 80% of the British market, and was already exporting. Demand was such, that in 1970, JOHNSTON built a new dedicated factory in Dorking, Surrey, where manufacture is still based today. The 1980s saw a compact sweeper range introduced, to meet the demands of keeping busy urban streets clean in an efficient manner. In 1995, the company delivered its 15,000th JOHNSTON Sweeper and a year later acquired a Danish company, Beam, which specializes in airport cleaning equipment. The acquisition of a Canadian company, MadVac, which manufactures litter collection systems, followed in 2000. Formally renamed JOHNSTON Sweepers Ltd. in 2003, the company continues to innovate and is regarded as one of the world leaders in street cleaning in urban areas. JOHNSTON Sweepers is now part of the giant German Bucher Group. JOHNSTON Sweepers, though, are still British-designed and made.

Mid size sweeper by JOHNSTON
Mid size sweeper by JOHNSTON
JOHNSTON Sub Compact sweeper
JOHNSTON Sub Compact sweeper
JOHNSTON Truck Mounted Sweeper
JOHNSTON Truck Mounted Sweeper

JOHNSTON Sweepers Product portfolio

  • Sub Compact road sweepers
  • Compact road sweepers
  • Mid sized road sweepers
  • Truck mounted road sweepers

JOHNSTON Sweepers produces a class-leading range of street cleansing vehicles. The company's CN101 is an innovative machine designed for use in confined spaces, while its C201 machine is conceived for city streets and high environmental standards, and its larger brother the C400 is designed for heavier duty urban use. The truck mounted VT501, VS501, VT651, VS651, VT801 and VS801 offer users a variety of options depending on need.