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John Deere

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John Deere


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  • Founded in: 1837
  • HQ: Moline, IL, USA
  • Website:

The U.S. brand, JOHN DEERE, has been known for their quality and experience in developing construction equipmentfarm equipment, and commercial vehicles for the last 175 years. In Germany alone, the DEERE and Company has 7,000 employees and the facilities in Mannheim are the biggest outside of the U.S.A.

JOHN DEERE - DEERE & COMPANY: values like Tractors and Construction Machinery

Since the company was founded in 1837 by JOHN DEEERE, it has paved the way as a successful blacksmith through its development of the first self-cleaning steel plough. In its own words, the company stands for integrity, quality, engagement and innovation. These fundamental values have enabled JOHN DEERE to progressively expand its product range over the years, following on from when it was founded.

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At the beginning, this company solely focused on producing agricultural ploughs. At the end of the 19th century, corn planting machines and wagons were added to JOHN DEERE Equipment portfolio. In 1918, DEERE CO. bought the manufacturer of the Waterloo Boy Tractors. This was a milestone in the company's history because within the next decade, these tractors became their main product. Numerous developments in the area of agricultural machines and commercial vehicles followed. The company built and focused more on farm equipment such as combine harvesters, cotton picking machines, mowerscultivators and many other machines for cultivation. John Deere Company has even branched out into the bicycle sector in 1894 and 1970.

At the beginning of the 1960s, JOHN DEER became the world's largest manufacturer of tractors, as well as land and industrial machines. Their product range was then expanded to all five continents. 

Used John Deere tractors - Quality Over Years

Due years of research, quality control and dedication this leads to high quality products that can be used for decades therefore perfect second hand use. Used John Deere tractors, harvesters, combines, mowers etc. will still deliver top of the top results. If you are a construction, farming or forestery buisness you are most defently know the value of a John deere machine, and escpesialy a used John Deere machine. Looking at the second hand market overview gives you a clue about the longevity and durability of the used John Deere machines.

JOHN DEERE forwaeder
JOHN DEERE forwaeder
JOHN DEER backhoe
JOHN DEER backhoe
JOHN DEERE 5E Series tractor
JOHN DEERE 5E Series tractor

JOHN DEERE Offers For Sale the following Among Many Others: 

    • Tractors
    • Motor Grater
    • Combine harvesters
    • Balers
    • John Deere Construction Equipment
    • Forestry machines
    • Lawn and landscaping equipment
    • Agricultural management system solutions