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jlg-company-logoThe American firm JLG Industries, Inc. is a world leader in the production of boom lifts, telehandlers and scissor lifts. It has a strong focus on providing expert support to clients across the world.

JLG - Lifting Equipment

Based in the American town of Oshkosh, JLG has been manufacturing access devices and lifting equipment since 1969. The firm was started by John L. Grove, who saw that there was a need for safe, reliable lifting equipment to be used by the emergency services and construction industry. The workshop that Grove founded in the Pennsylvania town of McConnellsburg has now become the world's leading manufacturer of lifting equipment, including aerial platforms, scissor lifts and boom lifts. It has also expanded across the world, with JLG subsidiaries in Australia and the UK opening during the 1970s and 80s. Throughout its history, JLG has made the running in advancing the lifting industry, introducing the first 45 metre boom lifter in 1991 and launching its 50,000 scissor lift in 1998.

It has also pioneered sustainable machinery, with lifts that run off fuel cell technology, and lifts which run exclusively from electric power sources without sacrificing performance. The firm has also made strategic partnerships such as an agreement with Caterpillar to manufacture its telehandler vehicles and it has continued to forge a global presence, with manufacturing facilities in Belgium and China and developing a strong rental side to its business operations. JLG has also focused on staff and client training, opening a "university" which provides instruction in nine languages, and it has been an innovator in digital technology too, launching support and maintenance apps to link up with clients easily.

JLG Telescopic boom lift
JLG Telescopic boom lift
JLG Engine Powered Scissor Lift
JLG Engine Powered Scissor Lift
JLG Telehandler
JLG Telehandler

Used JLG Lifting Machinery

Small business cant spend too much money on new machinery, no matter how good it is. JLG is a very good and well known company that makes lifting machines and equipment of all sizes and types that every business needs in it's fleet. Buying used JLG machines is a very good and cheap solution to this problem. JLG makes durable and long-lasting machines with the highest standards. When buying a used JLG telehandler at the second hand market or industrial auctions, you almost sure to get a good conditioned machine. This angle of investment is worth considering.

The JLG product portfolio Examples

The range of products manufactured by JLG is wide and includes, for instance:

  • Engine powered boom lifts
  • Electric and hybrid boom lifts
  • Vertical lifts and stock pickers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Telehandlers
  • Spare parts for JLG equipment

JLG works with partners across many industries. Organizations using JLG equipment could include militaries, agriculture, emergency services, mining and construction enterprises.