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hyster logoThe American company, HYSTER, has production factilities worldwide for manufacturing robust forklifts, which can be used for very demanding tasks. Their products have above-average quality, which means that HYSTER is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of forklifts. Used HYSTER trucks is recommended to business who want to save money and still get the famous brand high quality machinery production.

The Formation of the Company, HYSTER

The two corporations, Electric Steel Foundry and Willamette Iron & Steel Works, merged in the 1920s to form the Willamette Hyster Company. At the beginning, as the raw timber industry was growing in northwest America, their goal was to produce lifting devices. In 1934, the first portal stacker with a fork was produced. Only a year later, they introduced a forklift with a cable lifting system for very heavy loads. This is what made HYSTER a pioneer in history. Over the years, they conceptualised more innovative forklift solutions, which were developed to deal with specific demands within industry. In the 1940s, HYSTER Company (how it was called back them), decided to expand their market outside of the Americas. Nijmegen (in the Netherlands) was one of their first manufacturing plants made for the European market. In the following decade, their business expanded, as well as their product range. Today, HYSTER is one of the leading producers in the world. The European factory in Nijmegen is 60 years old and has beat a lot of records for large forklifts and container forklifts.

HYSTER Narrow Aisle forklift
HYSTER narrow aisle forklift
HYSTER 3 wheel electric truck
HYSTER 3 wheel electric truck
HYSTER high capacity forklift
HYSTER high capacity forklift

The comprehensive product portfolio of HYSTER

HYSTER Equipment has the largest range of industry-specific
forklifts available, which are suited to carry loads from 1 to 48
tonnes. Their product range includes:

HYSTER Pallet Truck
HYSTER Pallet Truck
  • Forklifts with combustion engines
  • Compact forklifts with combustion engines
  • Heavy-duty forklifts
  • Container handlers 
  • Lift trucks 
  • Haulers 
  • Commissioners 
  • Narrow aisle forklift trucks

All HYSTER forklifts are characterized by their ability to to move loads, but not only on pallets or containers.

HYSTER provides a comprehensive service

This company not only has a comprehensive product range, but also excellent service. This includes spare parts, accessories, maintenance, safety and training.