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The German company HUBTEX is one of the world’s leading producers of materials-handling technology and logistics solutions.

The history oft he company HUBTEX

In 1981, HUBTEX was founded in the German city of Fulda. The focus was set on vehicles for the textile industry, like vehicles for the transport of batches or carpet paternosters. The company’s name is composed of the German words “Hub” (“lift”) and “Textil” (“textile”). Also in 1981, the subsidiary HUBTEX of North America was founded. One year later HUBTEX moved from the Fulda district of Petersberg to the newly constructed headquarters in Fulda-West. In 1983 the European Council for Nuclear Research CERN in Geneva ordered an assembly machine for superconducting magnets weighing 8 tons from HUBTEX. In 1990 the Design Storage & Handling, Inc. in Fredericksburg, VA was founded by HUBTEX and the fork lift truck seller Rob Alling. Today, the Design Storage & Handling, Inc. is one of the leading companies for importing quality machinery into the USA and Canada. In 1992 HUBTEX introduced the joystick for proportionally controlled lift mast movements. In 1999 HUBTEX produced a transportation device for Skoda that was able to lift tools weighing 63 tons. Investments and acquisitions in the 2000s lead to the growth of HUBTEX. Between 1996 and 2012 the sales companies in France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary and Brazil were founded. HUBTEX has about 250 employers.

Main products

HUBTEX produces customized vehicles for the transport of heavy goods, like side loaders, highlifters and heavy-duty transporters. There are more than 60 vehicles in the portfolio of HUBTEX.

Production portfolio

  • Customized industrial trucks 
  • Side loaders
  • Equipment for the handling of unwieldy goods