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HolzkraftHOLZKRAFT is one of the “partners of handiwork”. Most machines from the Italian brand HOLZKRAFT are produced by the  SCM Group, that are certified with the DIN ISO 9001. Therefore, they are regarded as one of the world' largest manufacturers of woodworking machines.

The manufacturer HOLZKRAFT

The SCM group in Italy has been producing high-end  woodworking machines for about 50 years. These are made to suit the requirements of professional handiworkers, as well as industry. Due to their DIN ISO 9001 certificate, the SCM group's machines comply with some of the strictest international standards. This means, that they are already conceptualised to ensure maximum safety for operation. 40,000 HOLZKRAFT woodworking machines are produced annually, and they all have to comply with the strictest quality control measures. The well-balanced price/quality ratio means that customers can rely on HOLZKRAFT woodworking machines and their ability to retain their value over decades.


HOLZKRAFT - STÜRMER Maschinen GmbH Portfolio

The product range of HOLZKRAFT STÜRMER is split between HOLZKRAFT Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen and HOLZKRAFT Brennholzaufbereitung.

The following products are available from HOLZKRAFT:

Products available from HOLZKRAFT Brennholzaufbereitung include:

They are all suited for beginners, semi-professionals and professionals. All HOLZKRAFT machines and accessories have the same high quality and orientate themselves towards special customer requirements. The special reserve category provides savings potentials. This includes individual pieces, display machines, model machines, old models and others that can't compete with newly built products.

HOLZKRAFT values good service

The company's woodworking programme is available via a dealer sales network. The customer is directly advised and supervised on site. The HOLZKRAFT company also provides after-sales service, which is available for any problems that may occur. The products from HOLZKRAFT Maschinen are characterised as machines that are comfortable to operate, with innovative technology and outstanding equipment.