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holzherHOLZ-HER is one of the leading German machining companies, which manufactures edge banders, CNC machining centres, pressure band saws and panel saws, primarily for woodworking companies.

A leading German manufacturer of machining centres

HOLZ-HER GmbH is a German firm which manufactures machine tools such as edge banders, CNC machining centres and panel saws. The firm was founded in the Black Forest region of Germany in 1914 by Karl Matthias Reich, and at first specialized in the production of wire and wire-based products. During the 1920s, HOLZHER started to produce machining centres for the woodworking industry, and introduced its first electric machining centre in 1936 with the marketing of a hand-held circular saw. During the post-war period, HOLZHER achieved worldwide recognition for its feeding systems for machining centres, making complex machining tasks easier to achieve and safer for operators. 1958 saw the firm make a significant leap, with the introduction of its first vertical panel saw, which swiftly became one of its signature products.

International expansion and constant investment in innovation

While the 1960s and 70s found HOLZHER focusing on stationary woodworking machinery such as advanced edge banders, the 80s saw rapid global expansion. HOLZ-HER Germany was also spun off from its parent company under the name Reich Special Machines GmbH, and employed over 350 staff around the world by 1997, yet was still owned by the Reich family, as it had been since 1914. During the late 1990s and 2000s, HOLZHER subsidiaries were formed in Singapore, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, and a plant in Austria was extended with a huge manufacturing space, training centre and servicing facility all on one site. Technical innovations followed this new expansion, with the introduction of revolutionary new glue application systems and pressure bar saws. By 2007, HOLZHER CNC Technology has introduced a cutting edge 5-axis CNC machining centre, and was regularly being recognised by industry awards for its advanced designs and high quality machining products. The modern HOLZ-HER GmbH organization involves close attention to customer experiences, and the firm operates an extensive spare parts delivery service from its headquarters in Nürtingen, as well as a fully trained and easy to access customer support telephone line.



The HOLZ-HER product portfolio

The range of machining products manufactured by HOLZHER includes:

The product manufactured by HOLZHER are used by companies and other organizations that require advanced machining centres. This may include woodworking companies such as cabinet and bed-makers, window manufacturers and house-builders, but the firm's machinery can be used with other materials as well.