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hitachi construction machineryHITACHI Construction Machinery Co. Ltd is one of those manufactures that has an enormous amount of machines and equipment available, which are made to fit the requirements of both private and business clients. HITACHI Construction Machinery always ensures that their products are innovative and state-of-the-art. It is a big advantage when buying a used HITACHI construction machine. HITACHI is one of the most famous companies in the world of construction machinery, even a used excavator for example is a good deal. HITACHI top of the line manufacturing abilitys grantee the most reliable and durable machine.


HITACHI - A tradition over 100 years old

HITACHI excavator
HITACHI excavator

In 1910, the Japanese company HITACHI was founded by Namihei Odaira. Their goal was to bring new technology to Japan. The so-called “founding spirit of HITACHI" is still an important legacy in the company today, and sincerity, harmony and a pioneering spirit are also enormously important. At the beginning, Odaira had a repair workshop for electric equipment, and just after that he produced the first three electric 5 PS-engines. This was closely followed by the production of water turbines and e-locomotives. During the following decade, numerous innovative products were developed for industry and in 1932, they produced the first refrigerator. The first electric microscope was awarded at the world expo in Brussels in 1958 with the Grand Prix. HITACHI's goal in the next decade was to produce goods for all sectors: the first nuclear reactor; online banking; the mass production of televisions; colour cameras; computer hardware; and mobile telephone technology. There are hardly any sectors, where one wouldn't find the brand name HITACHI. Now, HITACHI Construction Machinery Ltd is located worldwide, so that it can provide its customers with a quicker service.

HITACHI Forester
HITACHI Forester
HITACHI Haul truck
HITACHI Haul truck
HITACHI mining shovel
HITACHI Mining shovel

Used HITACHI Construction Machinery

The HITACHI machines are everywhere when you look at a construction site. Hitachi is one of the leading and most popular construction machinery manufacturer in the world. When looking for a new machine, it could be a bit pricey, even for a well established company. Used HITACHI construction machinery is the best solution the the funds situation. Most used Hitachi machinery on the second hand industrial market are machine that have been bought for a construction project and now are being sold, simply because there is no need for them. Most used HITACHI machinery that are sold are basically a new machine, it is well worth your while checking and comparing specs and prices of used HITACHI excavators for example at the second hand market.

HITACHI Product Portfolio Examples

In addition to a product portfolio for private customers, HITACHI Construction Machinery Company has a comprehensive product range that includes:

All HITACHI Construction Machinery products are constantly being developed. This means that they can respond quickly to the changing requirements of their target audiences.