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hinowaHINOWA S.p.A. is based in the Italian city of Nogara and manufactures a wide variety of tracked vehicles for use in fields such as construction, agriculture and horticulture, as well as many other industrial applications.


A leading Italian manufacturer of tracked construction equipment

HINOWA S.p.A is an Italian firm which focuses on the manufacturing of construction equipment. It was founded in the town of Nogara near Verona in 1987, where it operates a 90,000 square metre facility and employs 120 workers. The firm's range of construction products includes loaders, truck based aerial platforms, forklift trucks, undercarriages and dumpers. These vehicles were initially developed to be used in the horticultural sector, where large amounts of earth moving was required. Since its founding, HINOWA has rapidly expanded, and has dealers across the world - in countries as diverse as Australia, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Spain. However, its major focus is on the Europe region. HINOWA S.p.A. has become known across Europe for its range of dumper trucks in particular, which seek to combine stability and power. The company specializes in rubber of steel tracked varieties which are suitable for heavy duty earth moving, making them ideal for infrastructure projects or public horticultural uses. Their advanced designs are also known for their adaptability, and the firm has developed dumpers which can load into skips or other receptacles that are well above ground level. This has filled a gap in the market for high-tip tracked dumpers that are powerful and reliable.

HINOWA Product Portfolio

HINOWA S.p.A. manufactures a wide range of construction machinery, which includes:

The HINOWA range is particularly suited to customers in the field of construction, and the firm deals with both private and public bodies. Their machinery will be useful for any projects where earth moving or transportation of heavy materials is required.