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Himoinsa_logoHIMOINSA is a manufacturer of  electricity generation and lighting technology. The firm specializes in manufacturing robust, reliable generators that are used in remote power generation and engineering projects.

A Spanish Manufacturer of Mobile and Static Power Generators & Lights

HIMOINSA SL manufactures power generators and mobile lighting sources for business and private applications. Based in the Murcia region of Spain, HIMOINSA Spain was founded in 1982 and specializes in the generation of clean, renewable and mobile energy. The firm now operates across five continents in more than one hundred countries, operating 8 manufacturing plants and running 10 subsidiary companies across the world. Its factories are located in countries as diverse as the United States, France, Brazil, India and China, but the company can market its energy generation equipment to all countries on all continents via strategically placed sales subsidiaries in countries such as Panama, Dubai and Angola. HIMOINSA see their strategy as based around a future demand for sustainable, renewable energy, and the firm has been working hard to enter the African market, where decentralized energy solutions are welcomed by governments and businesses.


Organizing in-house component manufacturing to respond to customer demand

The firm also specializes in what it calls "vertical production." This refers to the fact the HIMOINSA manufactures all of the components for its generation sets in-house, and can be extremely responsive the needs of clients as a result. The firm has also embraced automation at all of its plants, with generators being manufactured via state of the art  robotics and durable welding techniques, which provide its products with a long life time. This durability is backed up by durability analysis carried out with the firm's own software. HIMOINSA has also incorporated technologies like passivation, which prevents corrosion via specially formulated protective coatings, and the firm has also sought to make its products as customer-friendly as possible via innovations like multi-language control consoles. These consoles can also be easily synchronised with other HIMOINSA generators, to provide integrated lighting and electricity generation in demanding conditions. This technology has enabled the company to participate in many flagship projects, such as Tibet Airport, the Panama Subway and power plant construction in Angola.

The HIMOINSA product portfolio

The range of generation and lighting products manufactured by HIMOINSA includes:

  • Heavy electricity generators (670 to 2700 kVA)
  • Industrial electricity generators (4 to 755 kVA)
  • HR range of generators (17 to 2500 kVA)
  • Portable electricity generators (3 to 10 kVA)
  • Apolo Start robust lighting towers
  • Apolo Compact small lighting towers
  • Apolo Box mobile lighting towers
  • Kit tower lighting centres (without a generator)
  • Integrated power plant solutions
  • Cogeneration technology

HIMOINSA products are used in both static power plants as back up systems, and in engineering projects where mobile power generation is essential, such as underground tunnelling and remote infrastructure construction. Their lighting may also be used at leisure events and by mobile units such as film crews. Their cogeneration technology could be used by factories where energy efficiency is a priority.